We review all aged debt portfolios and specialize in identifying and monetizing accounts within your portfolio that have
entered into a debt settlement program with the nations top debt settlement companies. We have a direct link and relationship with the majority of these companies and provide the best database in the industry for identifying and pricing these accounts for purchase. These accounts require a special knowledge and handling procedure that
only comes with years of experience that Full Circle possesses.

Debt Settlement Experts

  • Largest, most seasoned database in the industry
  • Only company with a Secondary Database containing millions of records and data on consumers
  • Data sharing contracts with 248 debt settlement companies, the most in the industry
  • One of the longest running Debt Settlement servicers in the industry
  • Full Circle has scrubbed millions of records for hundreds of clients, identifying hundreds of millions of dollars in inventory
  • Relationships with DSCs equates to faster recovery for our clients
  • Assist with pricing analytics for client buyers

contingency collection services specifically for the Debt Management accounts.